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Increase motivation and decrease dehydration with the sodastream professional and Brio UV

This desire to be productive can lead to long stretches of working and therefore a lack of fluid intake. Long periods without water will lead to dehydration which can have a negative impact on productivity in the workplace.

The sodastream professional is the perfect device for anyone looking to increase hydration and productivity in the workplace. This machine offers six different flavors, (strawberry, orange, grapefruit, lemon-mint, peach, & raspberry-lime) carbonation levels, and even temperature selection so that you can get the perfect drink every time. This device is also filled with nano-filtered still and sparkling water.

This water unit is also compatible with our QR-enabled bottle and stickers that allow you to seamlessly sign into the machine. The QR code allows you to see your past selections and preferences as well as track and display plastic bottles saved by user or by facility.

If flavored water is not something that your office or work space values we also have a filtered water machine that is solely focused on clean water. The Brio UV water filter can be exactly what your workspace may need. This filtration system has a 2 stage advanced water filtration process that promises great-tasting water. The first stage is a premium quality sediment filter that remove dust particles and rust. Stage two is a premium quality carbon block that removes chlorine, tastes, oders, cloudiness, colors, VOV's and other chemicals.

The sodastream professional and Brio UV water filter can hydrate and motivate your workplace like never before.

What are some of the benefits of increased hydration in the workplace?

-Increased hydration can lead to increased productivity levels.

-Increased hydration can lead to increased motivation.

-Increased hydration can help alleviate headaches and dizziness.

-Increased hydration can help alleviate dry skin and eyes.

-Increased hydration can help with constipation.

Not only does this machine keep you hydrated, but it also helps to motivate you to drink more water. Having a sodastream professional or Brio UV in the office is a great way to improve your overall productivity!

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