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Turnkey Solution to
Reducing Your Environmental
Footprint at Cost-Neutral or Less

How it Works

Going Green by Servomation helps convert facilities of every size to a fully sustainable disposables platform often-times at cost-neutral or less than their current spend when compared to other paper products!

Servomation collects information on the disposable items currently used in your facility. 


Our internal analysts review your data and convert your current items to sustainable alternatives, often-times at cost-neutral or less than you’re currently spending.


Sustainable Initiatives

Servomation understands its responsibility of creating a more energy efficient service solution. As part of The Right Choice For a Healthier Earth™ campaign, Servomation has invested in the following features to foster a more Earth sustainable service:


Light Speed

We have deployed Light Speed technology in our warehouse operations allowing for distribution efficiencies saving on fuel costs


LED Lighting

We save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in electric costs by installing LED lighting on our vending and micro market equipment


Mercedes Sprinters

We have invested in the ultra efficient Sprinter class for our delivery vehicles saving over 50,000 gallons of fuel per year



We recycle over 500 tons of cardboard each year through our distribution center


Energy Star Rated

We invest in and install Energy Star Rated equipment

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